"Dârüzziyafe Is a member of the
FoundatIon of Research,
Development and Sustenance
of TurkIsh cuısıne."



Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine, the imaret building of the Süleymaniye Complex, which is one of the most magnificent structures of Ottoman Architecture, welcomes its guests in this historic setting with its delicious heritage, which is adapted to the current taste. Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine, with this general understanding of service, has accumulated its experience for the Turkish cuisine and presents it to its guests diligently.
GOne of the most important features of the traditional Turkish cuisine is the use of seasonal vegetables and fruits. For this reason, in Dârüzziyafe, with an effort to keep our cuisine culture alive, the food lists are arranged according to the seasonal conditions; all kinds of food materials are used throughout the time.
In Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine, the traditional meal recipes of the Ottoman palace cuisine are presented in a contemporary manner, with a solid adherence to the essence. Suleymaniye Soup, Daruzziyafe Meatballs and Fukâra Keskul, which are now Dârüzziyafe classics, are some of these delicacies that our local and foreign guests cannot back down from.
Drinks are also indispensable … Dârüzziyafe prepares and maintains dozens of varieties of sorbet according to seasonal conditions.
Rosehips, cranberries and pomegranate syrup are among the favorites of our guests.
Dârüzziyafe welcomes you and your esteemed guests with its food list and historical place which is compiled from Turkish cuisine each day of the week, except for Mondays.

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The tastes presented at delightful Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine were determined by a meticulous archival study. In the light of these studies, 400 kinds of dishes are prepared in Dârüzziyafe and every day, nearly 50 of them are served.

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In Darüzziyafe, which is full with history and which is history itself; you will taste the rare delicates of Turkish cuisine, accompanied by our peaceful music, and you will find peace and tranquility even for a few hours from today’s complex and tiring atmosphere.
Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine is served in A la Cart meal service; there is 350 people capacity in Kanuni Hall – 250 people capacity in Sinan Hall and 120 people capacity in Turkish World Hall.
This number increases up to 1100 in summer with the garden opened.

For your meetings and special occasions:
Our restaurant, which is serviced by three different seats, also creates special dinners and concept presentations for your meetings, cocktails, engagement and wedding invitations as well as ladies’ service, and welcomes all guests with a taste that they will not forget in a decent environment.

(We are closed on mondays.)

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Music Group


Music Group

Our Music Group has been performing the Turkish Sufi Music and Fasıl programs everyday during Ramadan every night since 1992. Nermin Gültek is the group chief and she is a graduate of ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory and has completed master’s degree and doctorate in the field of Turkish music and has worked as a voice, kemence artist and server in various music ensembles and has been giving numerous concerts under World Research Foundation in the world. Nermin Gültek, who has been teaching Turkish Music for many years as a lecturer at universities, also creates choirs in the Turkish Republics and provides the Turkish repertoire to these choirs. All members of Dârüzziyafe Music Group are graduated from conservatory and serve with the amateur spirit and enthusiasm they have in various music associations and organizations besides their education. Purpose of the group is to protect and preserve the Turkish music which is one of the most prominent elements of our cultural values nowadays that corruption in music is in every sense as if it is in every area and to be transmitted to future generations by displaying all kinds of songs, especially the forgotten Fasıl, in richness and splendor.